I’ve always considered the guitars true American art. When I couldn’t find a guitar strap to equal the beauty of my 1955 Fender Stratocaster I decided to make it myself and make it here.

I started The Laurence Kenyon Company out of a passion for uncompromised quality and excellence. Most importantly all of our products are made in America. I draw inspiration from American ingenuity, individualism, and rock and roll. Beautiful, functional and durable. Every Laurence Kenyon product is a work of art.

Do your best. Make the best. Make it here.

Laurence Kenyon


Walter’s Handles. Walter’s father worked for the Specialty Handle Manufacturing Company in Newark, N.J. They supplied leather handles to the now extinct American luggage industry. In fact, that same company supplied The Gibson Musical Instrument Company with case handles in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. About 60 years ago our entire luggage industry was shipped overseas and high quality American leather handles went as well. When that company folded, Walter’s father purchased the dies and equipment from his former employer and continued the tradition of hand-made leather handles. Until recently Walter continued in his father’s footsteps.

Sadly, Walter our friend and mentor is gone. But he inspired us to pick up where he left off. Now we manufacture high quality leather handles here. Art? Reclaimed American Technology? Insanity? We were lucky to find Walter. And we will always refer to the beautiful bridle leather handles by his name. You’ll find one of Walter’s handles on every one of our suitcases.



All of our packaging is made in the United States.